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Sure! You can have a valuation of your products filling the form on our website, you’ll receive a valuation by email and if you confirm it you’ll receive a coupon to buy the material that you like used or new! It’s very simple and a courier service will be at your home to pick up your package, we will receive it the day after.
The 14 days withdraw is usefull to you to valuate and test the equipement! Obviously that’s not possible on new one but it’s a great bnefit on the secondhand products! You try the product and if you’re not satisfied, we take it back and we refund you the full ammount. We are the only store to do that!
The material is totally examinated and reviewed, we are so sure of our equipement that in Europe we are the only to give the 2 years warranty with no exceptions.
Our laboratory examines, tests and reviews all the material. We do strict and deep controls on elettronics and mechanics, that’s why we are the only one in Europe to guarantee every our products WITH NO EXCEPTIONS for 2 years. In case you’ll have some problems, what you have to do is just fill in the withdrawal form on our website, a courier service will pick the package up. Our technicians will examine it and repair it.
Sure! We are in Ancona, you can come to sell, to buy or to have assistance of the equipement. We suggest you first to verify the availability on our website of the products that you like.

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